G-Series Full Enclosed Body With Exchange Table / 2D Laser Cutting Machine

  • G款大包围双平台

Automatic collision prevention

The tilting finished parts can be detected in advance, to avoid laser head damage due to collision and ensure production to be run smoothly.

For thin plates cutting, plate vibrating can be effectively controlled

To eliminate machine and metal sheet ‘s vibration during cutting and ensure the quality cutting.

Machine Configuration

Cast iron bed

Integral casting, the bed is more stable and reliable, and the machining precision is higher.

Cast Aluminum Beam

High precision, faster speed, high efficiency, good integrity, high rigidity, guarantee parts process quality

  • Overview

    "Solid and Rigid, High performance."

    Professional laser cutting software, Special design Fully-enclosed body with exchange platform, Full aspects monitoring system to ensure safe and stable during laser cutting process, high-rigid and solid cast iron body, minimum structure deformation, super low vibration, precise and high accuracy.

    Full covered machine body with twin exchange table
    Fully covered by double platform alternately cutting, to improve work efficiency, to reduce cutting splashing residue and to ensure the safety of operators.
    Gantry structure design
    Gantry structure design, linear drive with rack and pinion, Stable structural, high rigidity, high speed travel.
    Casting bed body
    Cast bed body, overall cast aluminum beam, stable structure.

    YD Laser Technology

    Function&parameter List
    ●standard configuration,
    ○optional configuration,
    ×No configuration required
    Basic parameterWorking area8100mm*2500mm6100mm*2500mm4000mm*2000mm3050mm*1530mm
    Max.linkage speed160m/min160m/min160m/min140m/min

    Automatic adjustment of cutting gas pressure6KW below:O2
    6KW and above:O2、N2、air
    6KW below:O2
    6KW and above:O2、N2、air
    6KW below:O2
    6KW and above:O2、N2、air
    6KW below:O2
    6KW and above:O2、N2、air
    Auto-focus of laser head
    Table load bearing6200kg(1-4kw)
    Machine overall dimensions19700*4215*2400mm15300*4500*2400mm12000*3700*2300mm9950*3050*2300mm
    Overall weight22500kg19500kg11000kg8300kg
    ConfigurationOptical systemlaser head12KW and below:BLT/Ray Tools
    12KW and above:Germany Precitec/BLT
    12KW and below:BLT/Ray Tools
    12KW and above:Germany Precitec/BLT
    12KW and below:BLT/Ray Tools
    13KW and above:Germany Precitec/BLT
    12KW and below:BLT/Ray Tools
    14KW and above:Germany Precitec/BLT
    Laser sourceMAX/IPG/Raycus/GWMAX/IPG/Raycus/GWMAX/IPG/Raycus/GWMAX/IPG/Raycus/GW
    mechanical systemBed○Cast iron bed
    ○welded bed
    ○Cast iron bed
    ○welded bed
    ○Cast iron bed
    ○welded bed
    ○Cast iron bed
    ○welded bed
    Cast aluminum cantilever
    X-axis、Y-axis、Z-axis Servo motor and driverJapan YaskawaJapan YaskawaJapan YaskawaJapan Yaskawa
    Linear RailsMade in Taiwan HiWinMade in Taiwan HiWinMade in Taiwan HiWinMade in Taiwan HiWin
    RackMade in Taiwan YYCMade in Taiwan YYCMade in Taiwan YYCMade in Taiwan YYC
    Protective Enclosure
    Enhanced-partition Dust Removal
    Electrical systemControl systemFSCUT2000S
    Electrical proportional valveJapan SMC/Germany AVENTICSJapan SMC/Germany AVENTICSJapan SMC/Germany AVENTICSJapan SMC/Germany AVENTICS
    O2Cutting gas control valveJapan SMCJapan SMCJapan SMCJapan SMC
    N2Cutting gas control valve4KW and below:Japan SMC
    6KW and above:Germany AVENTICS
    4KW and below:Japan SMC
    6KW and above:Germany AVENTICS
    4KW and below:Japan SMC
    6KW and above:Germany AVENTICS
    4KW and below:Japan SMC
    6KW and above:Germany AVENTICS

    Laser cutting can be used in different field according to application.

    rail transit
    Automobile manufacturing
    Ship manufacturing
    Kitchen utensils
    Elevator manufacturing
    Sheet metal processing
    Household Electric Appliances

    CypCut sheet cutting software is an in-depth design for fiber laser cutting industry. It simplifies complex CNC machine operation and integrates CAD, Nest and CAM modules in one. From drawing, nesting to workpiece cutting all can be finished by a few clicks.

    • Auto Optimize Imported Drawing

      CypCut will automatically optimize the errors when import drawing, delete duplicates and invisible graphic, smooth curve and join line segments etc.

    • Graphical Cutting Technique Setting

      Graphical design of technique setting, quick and easy to finish setting of lead line, micro-joint and kerf width compensation etc. of single or large quantity parts.

    • Flexible Production Mode

      CypCut provides floating and workpiece coordinates for small and large quantity production.

    • Statistic of Production

      Thorough and timely statistic of machine production to help you manage the task schedule.

    • Precise Edge Finding

      Support capacitance and photo-electric sensing to find workpiece edge and offset sheet placement angle.

    • Dual-Drive Error Offset

      Auto correct the dual-drive position error each time after machine axes return origin.

    FSCUT7000 is EtherCAT system developed for ultrafast picosecond and femtosecond laser precision cutting. Adopting latest algorithm and EtherCAT technology, by standard communication protocol and parallel PLC, it can achieve high speed and precision laser control of 0.1um~10um interval (PSO), and highly automated production.

    • Technical Data

      Control software UltraCut
      Bus station CypTronic-EP PC
      I/O station HPL2720E BUS I/O terminal board
      BCL4516E BUS I/O extension board(optional)
      Power supply 24V DC/5A
      PSO Support 9 laser control modes, laser on interval 0.1μm-10μm can be adjusted
      Motor control Support up to 32 EtherCAT servo axes control in same time
      Extension Support up to 32 EtherCAT I/O stations
      Acceleration Maximum control acceleration 5G
      Precision Theroical control precision ±1um
      Work environment Temperature: 0~60℃
      Humidity: 10%~90%RH(no condensation)
    • Benefits

      Function Features Support laser position synchronized output (PSO function), laser output interval 0.1-10μm.
      Support 9 laser control modes, and compatible with various ultrafast laser brands.
      Communicate with laser by RS232 and Ethernet for parameter and status access.
      Support technique of transition line, lead line, Fly Cut, speed turning point, speed adjust in curve position.
      Support dual-Y structure production.
      Support to edit and execute parallel PLC process.
      Compatible with ModbusTCP, ADS and other standard protocols to guarantee online production.
      Provide optional vision positioning module to locate production by circle and cross mark.
      Control performance Communication: RTOS real time core, signal cycle 1ms.
      Precision: control precision 1μm.
      Support compensate pitch error from interferometer measure data, also support offset mechanic orthogonality.
    • Application

      Applied in ultrafast picosecond and femosecond laser precision cutting. Widely used in fragile material cutting like glass, ceramic, display screen, semiconductor and photovoltaic materials etc.

This product specification may differ from the description subjected to countries rules and regulation. We reserve the right to amend according to technology, equipment model, price and range of accessories. Please contact your local agent to find out more about our products.

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